Advokatur GANZONI – Swiss Commercial Litigation Attorney

Attorney Andri Ganzoni represents companies and individuals in commercial litigation matters before all Swiss courts, including all appellate courts. Call him if your dispute has a link to Switzerland, be it a Swiss forum, the application of Swiss law or evidence or assets located in Switzerland.

Andri’s work includes injunctions, pre-trial attachments, enforcement of foreign judgments, debt recovery and insolvency proceedings and international judicial assistance. He handled a significant number of matters, including

  • contractual disputes in numerous fields such as share purchases and asset purchases (M&A), distribution, international sales of mechanical equipment, labour law,
  • intellectual property disputes (trademark infringement, copyright infringement, breach of confidentiality),
  • personality protection and fair trading law disputes (including in social media and traditional media contexts),
  • collection and enforcement cases.

Andri has represented clients of various industries such as media, entertainment, architecture, mining, chemical distribution, agriculture, mechanical equipment, consulting and others.

In a first phase Andri will assess with the client whether – very generally – the situation does require the engagement of a litigation lawyer and justifies the cost that comes with such engagement. If such is the case, Andri will perform extensive early case analysis to identify the case’s strengths and weaknesses and determine the most effective means of achieving a favourable resolution, including if litigation can or should be avoided or settlement is advisable.

Litigation Referrals
Many of Andri’s litigation cases are referred from other lawyers and firms. A typical referral arises from the need for co-counsel in complex matters or representation in Switzerland as a foreign jurisdiction. Often, the referring firm has litigated with or against us previously and respects the quality of our work on behalf of clients. We accept these limited engagements with a mutual respect and appreciation for the referring firms’ ongoing client relationships.

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